Desert Horizon – Handwoven Crossbody Bag

Colorful robust handwoven crossbody bag made of recycled materials, designed by Bedouin women



Imagine: You are standing in the desert, surrounded by red sand and endless space. You feel the wind and sun on your skin and in the distance you hear the voices of camels, donkeys and goats, then silence again. All these impressions are woven into this Crossbody Bag. One of our Bedouin artisans, Um Sultan, made this recycled and handwoven crossbody bag from textile waste for you with the knowledge of her ancestors. She created its vibrant colors, unique patterns and playful tassels.

This bag tells the story of the life of the Bedouins in the Jordanian desert then and now. And it promises: This bag is a product of an old tradition, a lively community and the glowing creativity of Bedouin women. Whether you carry your Bedouin bag between skyscrapers in New York, between parks and cafés in Berlin or in another favorite place, you will always be accompanied by the magic of the desert and the warm openness of the Bedouins. We wish you a good journey through your everyday life, in your adventures and on your way through this beautiful world.

This recycled and handwoven crossbody bag is about 36 cm wide and 31 cm tall with 100 cm woven strap. If you would like a different design, size or color palette please reach out to us on our contact form! We are happy to create your personal bag for you. For more inspiration you are welcome on our Instagram and Facebook page.

Women Empowerment

Our products are handmade by Bedouin women and female refugees in Jordan. We empower these women by offering them product designs, branding and marketing. By creating demand for their work we enable them to create their own livelihoods as independent artisans. Their work for LUMEYO creates a sense of purpose and pride in knowing that their Bedouin tradition still finds its place in the modern world. They inspire their daughters to learn a craft that can sustain them in the future.

Reviving Bedouin Tradition

Before Bedouin women would weave the fabric for their Bedouin tents, carpets, decoration, and saddle bags on the ground loom. It was an essential role in supporting their families. Through moving from their lives in tents to houses and the men becoming involved in tourism, their craft lost purpose and appreciation. It meant women would no longer pass on the craft to the next generation. By creating new designs and opening up new markets, appreciation for their work is returning. With this we are bringing economic independence and revival of the weaving tradition in underdeveloped areas of Jordan.

Sustainable Fashion

We gain the yarn for our products by recycling threads from second hand sweaters. Recycling materials for our products this way is not only environmentally friendly, it also creates more work locally and guarantees that each product has a unique color design. Constant quality control ensures the production of beautiful sustainable items that will last a lifetime.

100% Handcrafted

Our products are fully handmade. The threads are recycled by hand then spun traditionally in a yarn suitable for weaving. The fabric is woven on the ground loom. Then, finally, the item is finished also by hand. From Jordan, with love.

Additional information

Dimensions 33 × 36 cm


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