Aqaba Deep Ocean II – Handwoven Crossbody Bag

Get the feel of Wadi Rum with a LUMEYO Crossbody Bag. These bags are not just practical; they’re woven with love by Bedouin women, featuring recycled materials and designs that remind you of the desert’s beauty. They’re tough, ready for your everyday use, and full of stories from Wadi Rum’s ancient land. When you pick up a LUMEYO bag, you’re not just choosing a bag. You’re holding a piece of history and support for the Bedouin way of life. Go for LUMEYO and show off a style that’s all about lasting craft and care for the earth.



Aqaba Deep Ocean II – Handwoven Crossbody Bag

Eco-Friendly & Ethical: Crafted using recycled materials, this bag not only looks good but does good for our Earth, supporting a better future for our planet and its people.

Exclusively Unique: Say no to mass-produced. Each bag is handcrafted with love and dedication to tell its own story.

Artisan Craftsmanship: Each bag is the result of hours of passionate work by female artisans who’ve honed their skills over generations.

Women empowerment: With every purchase, you economically empower Bedouin female artisans, allowing them to become strong pillars in their community and role models for their daughters.

LUMEYO’s bag is a unique and eco-friendly accessory. Made by Bedouin women using recycled materials, each bag showcases a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern style. The bags are not just practical for carrying your essentials, but also a statement piece, reflecting a commitment to sustainability and cultural heritage. Their design is simple yet elegant, making them suitable for various occasions and styles. With each purchase, you support both the environment and the empowering craft of these skilled women.

Should your personal style call for a unique touch, we invite you to explore our Custom Order page. Here, you have the liberty to tailor the design, dimensions, and color scheme to suit your individual taste. We are dedicated to crafting a bag that is distinctly yours.

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Bag Size

35 x 32 Strap 116 cm


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